The philosophy behind my collection. The fashion industry is very damaging to our environment in general, but one of the most serious problems is cheap and fast fashion. It is easy to buy and, as a consequence, easy to throw away. We renew the content of our wardrobe constantly. The quantity of discarded clothes worldwide is incredible. This is material which can be used again perfectly. Upcycled clothes are designed from used garments, giving them a completely new and different aspect, as well as a second chance. I have created skirts and pants from men's shirts. The skirts are made of two shirt-halves. The two other halves were used to create the pants. I took special care to make nice combinations. As the models are the same but the materials aren't, every garment is unique. Collars and cuffs were used with tops. Each garment has a label with a number. Look for this number at our website and you'll find more information about your skirt, pants or top. Virginia Rondeel.